How to landscape a sloped site?

Sure, everyone wants the perfectly flat piece of land; but where’s the fun in that!?  Whether your backyard has a steep slope or just a gentle gradient, there’s an option for you to make it beautiful.  Below are some of those options:

A retaining wall

One of the most obvious ways to deal with a slope is with some earthworks and retaining walls.  There is certainly some upfront effort but the end result can be absolutely spectacular.  Creating different levels in your backyard area is what separates nice backyards from stunning backyards!  Certain retaining walls require professional installation and machinery however we offer a DIY retaining wall product too if you’re feeling adventurous Be sure to check with your local council for any wall height restrictions.

Small planter boxes

When you’re dealing with a large sloping area, the best way to tackle it is in small chunks. Start by taking advantage of the area closest to your living area and create manageable planting boxes. At these lower levels, you can often do this work without any heavy equipment and the results can be terrific.

Choosing the right plants

A smart, natural way to utilise the land on a steep slope is by planting shrubs, trees, and flowers. This is because the roots will develop and actually hold the soil in place. Go nature! This is great for preventing runoff during wet weather, since the number of plants will lessen the force of the water.

Try to focus on native plants, since they will have an easier time adapting to your landscape. If the soil on your slope is deep, you will need plants that can develop deeper roots to compensate. You should still cover sections of bare soil with mulch or rocks to lessen the impact of rainfall and erosion.

Create terraced steps

Terraced steps leave a lighter footprint since they can follow the contour of the land. If they’re designed with a minimum width of 4 feet and landings between steps, the garden visitor is invited to stop and enjoy garden beauties along the way. A staggered zigzag design can create a relaxed or philosophical mood for those who walk through the garden.

A decking platform

Building a deck on a sloped site isn’t much more difficult than on a level surface—so long as you plan for the difference. In fact, building a deck on sloped land creates a stunning living and recreational space because you get both usable area and most likely, a view! . An attractive, usable deck will not only enhance your lifestyle but will also increase property values.

Note – depending on the severity of the slope, this may be beyond the capabilities of most DIYers so make sure you contact a professional if needed!