Landscape Design: 101

What was once a purely functional structure, retaining walls are now a significant part of an overall landscape design. No longer are walls of mass built which are solely there to hold back soil and create even grounds, retaining walls can be as eye catching as a fountain or other typical outdoor centrepiece. When planning your landscaping, along with your paving, greenery, pool surrounds, we are proud to find that retaining walls can add a truly unique touch to any outdoor area.


Retaining walls can turn an uneven backyard into a fully functioning outdoor entertaining area. Ever tried putting a table on a slope? It doesn’t work. Ever tried growing a veggie patch on a uneven block? Doesn’t work so well either. A landscape designer can look at your existing outdoor area and use retaining structures to section areas and create clear divisions which will really enhance the area.


Thankfully, retaining technologies have progressed significantly from a few limestone blocks piled on top of eachother. Here at Bradford Retaining, we have a number of different eye-catching designs which are sure to fit in with your landscapers design. We offer architecturally designed panels which will bring any backyard to life as well as more standard, function first, designs.

Landscaping Expert

If you’re thinking about using retaining walls in your domestic or commercial property, it’s a good idea to have the eye of a professional landscaper on your side. We have worked with numerous landscape design companies and highly recommend the team at North Shore landscapes who do a fantastic job. Have a look at our projects to see some of the work we have done together.