A Cost Effective Alternative to Limestone Retaining Walls

Here in Perth, some of the popular methods for retaining soil and land, especially between properties are with panel & post retaining and with limestone blocks.

There are a number of factors that may influence your decision with which is the best product to use.  The major factors are price, access and machinery required.  Keep reading to learn more about the difference between the two options.

Limestone Retaining Walls or Limestone Blocks

Limestone retaining walls are a very common sight throughout Perth.  These blocks are a reconstituted product made from crushed limestone and cement, which lead to a strong and durable product.  These two factors are a big reason why it’s a popular option as well as being suited for load bearing applications.

There is some choice in finishes within limestone blocks such as a stone, split, polished and honed as well as some choice in colours with greys and red available from some suppliers.  Most commonly, as you’re driving throughout Perth, you’ll see the traditional light cream colour in the common size of 200mm x 500mm x 350mm.

As limestone retaining walls rely on their mass to provide support you can use a rule of thumb to determine the base of the wall will be at least half of the height and additional backing blocks are required behind the wall. An engineer is required to design a suitable retaining wall as you may need to support a neighbouring driveway or structure, or your own.  Limestone retaining walls are a more expensive option that usually requires some machinery to install.


  • More expensive than panel & post retaining
  • Great for very tall, load bearing walls
  • A range of finishes are available

What is panel & post retaining

Panel and post is a precast concrete retaining wall system, which is structurally engineered and includes steel reinforcing and chemical additives to strengthen the walls. The panels are fitted in between the posts and with our system, we have the capacity to go as tall as 3000mm. It is council approved and with a huge range of finishes now available, you’ll be sure to find the look and finish that suits your property. Fast and straight forward installation means it’s possible for you to install yourself making it a cost effective retaining option. With its slim profile, it is perfect for areas where space is limited. It can be useful in larger (longer) where other methods of retaining may be prohibitively expensive.


  • More affordable than limestone retaining walls
  • Available in a number of finishes to deliver an architecturally designed look
  • Great for limited access and larger areas that need to be retained

If you are looking for a cost effective Twinside Retaining Wall Alternative solution, then get in touch with us at Bradford Retaining – we’re here to answer any questions you might have.