Reasons to upgrade your retaining structure

Have you ever looked out the back window to see a tired and old looking retaining structure that looks like it’s about to fall over any minute?  Do you then have a second though which says, how am I ever going to get this fixed?

The great news is it’s not that difficult!

Here at Bradford Retaining we offer two types of retaining structure services

  • We supply and install our premium panel and post retaining for you and you no longer have to look at some unsightly worn out structure
  • The handyman in you wants a new DIY project – we will supply you with our post and panels and you can enjoy the satisfaction of building your own retaining wall – stress free!

Reasons to upgrade your retaining structure

  • First and foremost, an old, decrepit retaining wall truly is an eyesore. It is not uncommon for homeowners to spend the majority of their time trying to get the interior right but neglecting the exterior which is the thing that most people see!  If you were trying to sell your home and the first thing that a prospective buyer sees is a rotting timber retaining wall, chances are your first impression is not a great one.
  • Space is so crucial in today’s times of smaller homes that every little bit counts. Older retaining walls built with wide limestone blocks or sloping walls can take up valuable space on your land.  Bradford Retaining’s panel and post system has a comparably much smaller footprint than conventional retaining systems.
  • Retaining walls don’t need to be ‘necessary’ just to hold soil back – you can use them to really spruce up a home. Our architecturally designed panels can be a centrepiece on their own or used to bring a modern touch to any home.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to change your retaining structure, then get in touch with us via phone or email and we’ll do our very best to get the ball started within 24 hours to organise a measure and quote.  We’ll ask you any relevant questions to help us best organise the right product for you.