Do I need council approval to build?

*The following is a general guide only, please consult your local council before erecting any structures*

Imagine a time and place where if you owned a piece of land, then you could do whatever you want to said piece of land.  You could build a skyscraper, dig a mine site or build The Great Retaining Wall!

The reality is, we don’t live in that time or place and as with almost all kinds of construction, you may need some council approval to erect your retaining wall but there are a few exceptions.  Keep on reading to learn more about what exactly is a retaining wall, when don’t you need council approval, when you do need council approval and ofcourse, how to get it.

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is essentially any structure erected for the purpose of supporting soil that would otherwise collapse.  Because retaining walls are slightly more complicated than installing a washing line in your backyard (they can collapse if poorly built and cause detriment to your surroundings), there are occasions that you will need council approval.

Do I need approval for my retaining wall?

As a general rule of thumb, if your intended retaining wall is to be built on a boundary, pose any potential danger or have a negative impact on surrounding area/properties, then you should get in contact with your local council before building.

Here is a link to a list of local council’s in WA – Local Councils

On the other hand, if you had a sloping piece of land in your backyard that you wanted to make into a small veggie patch by using a retaining wall, then you can more than likely go right ahead.  If it collapses, then the worst that will happen is you have soil spilt over your backyard and no one has ever cried over spilt soil!

How Do I Get Council Approval?

If council approval is required, it is because your retaining wall may pose a danger to the surroundings or cause issues with neighbouring properties.  Depending on your local council, you may just require neighbour consent or you may need to lodge a building application.  Get in touch with your local council to learn more.

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