The future of retaining

Landscaping meets Strength, Elegance, and Sustainability

Retaining walls have historically served a dual purpose in the world of landscaping: ensuring ground stability while enhancing aesthetic appeal. For years, concrete was the stalwart material of choice, but its limitations, such as weightiness and a penchant for cracking, have ushered in a new era. Enter steel, a game-changer introduced by Bradford Retaining, a family-run business with a legacy spanning over four decades in Perth’s landscaping industry.

The Evolution: From Concrete to Steel

The versatility and resilience of steel are well-known in the construction domain, and its application has soared beyond skyscrapers and bridges. Bradford Retaining is pioneering this trend by launching their Steel Beams and Joiner Posts, making retaining walls robust yet elegant.

Why Choose Steel Posts?

  1. Strength & Durability: Compared to traditional concrete posts, the Steel I-Beams from Bradford Retaining are twice as strong and half as light. This dual advantage offers superior structural integrity and a simpler installation process. Furthermore, while concrete is prone to cracking, our galvanised steel posts, especially when treated for corrosion resistance, guarantee durability that truly stands the test of time.
  2. Installation Ease: For professionals and DIYers alike, the installation of these Steel I-Beams is unparalleled. Beyond their lighter weight, it’s their thoughtful design that ensures a smooth process.
  3. Flexibility in Design: Bradford’s I and H beams are versatile, perfectly complementing both concrete panels and timber beams, accommodating diverse aesthetic preferences.
  4. Timeless Aesthetic: The adaptability of galvanised steel offers visual versatility for both residential and commercial projects. Plus, for those seeking customisation, the galvanised finish can be painted or powder-coated.
  5. Low Maintenance & Sustainable Future: Our steel posts require minimal upkeep. Unlike timber, which is vulnerable to rot, discolouration, and termites, these steel posts promise long-lasting performance. Sustainability is also a key factor, as quality steel can be recycled endlessly, representing a forward-thinking solution for landscaping projects.

The Assurance of Quality

Bradford Retaining’s transition to Steel I-Beams reflects its commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring retaining walls are simpler, more effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Are you prepared for this new era of retaining walls? Explore our product range or contact us for a consultation today.

The choice is clear: retaining walls with steel posts represent the ideal blend of strength, beauty, and longevity.