Why a retaining wall is necessary in winter

Panel and post retaining walls provide the perfect way to restyle your landscape, hold back slopes and create multiple levels for your outdoor area. They also create an attractive aesthetic, introducing form, texture and colour to your outdoor spaces. However, to make sure that your retaining walls are able to stand up against the harshness of winter, quality materials and professional construction is absolutely essential.

You might need to add a retaining wall for practical reasons because there are structural issues with your landscape, or can choose to build one for aesthetic reasons.  Here are some of those reasons:

  • You can build a retaining wall to create a gradient on an uneven property.
  • You can use a retaining wall to create a flat surface and get more usable space on your property.
  • A retaining wall can have a supportive purpose and slow down erosion.
  • A wall will add definition to your landscape and will become a focal point for your design.
  • A retaining wall can play an important part in managing water runoff.
  • You can upgrade your retaining wall with winter plants, a planter garden, some built-in flower bed, or a seating area carved into the wall.

Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in a retaining wall to overcome the harshness of winter.

Protecting your landscape from water damage and erosion
Retaining walls are excellent at protecting against soil erosion (with the correct drainage in place). The correct installation of retaining walls and the design of drainage will ensure that your retaining walls act to guard against water damage and erosion rather than make issues such as pooling and ground being swept into lower areas, worse.

Protecting plants and property from the wind
During winter, the alcoves created by retaining walls can be used to protect vulnerable plants that may be sensitive to wind. Our retaining walls provide excellent windbreakers for flower beds and even patios that may still be used during the winter.

Winter is the perfect time
If you’ve been thinking about building a retaining wall winter is actually the perfect time. Not only is the ground soft and easy to mould, it’s also the perfect time to plant new flower beds or foliage once the wall has been constructed, in time for fresh Spring growth.

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